Shoulder Season on Cape Cod

Tiffany-blue hydrangeas and shingles on saltboxes grayed from ocean air housing Tramp art mirrors and hand-looped rugs with nautical themes are beacons of home, like guiding beams from peppermint-striped lighthouses. Fraught, fractured family relations are sullied by too much Fox News, cheap booze, and thinking as antiquated as a longing for whaling or trawling cod from depleted seas. Wrap-around porches with screen doors that shush instead of slam overlook marshes dotted with tall nesting platforms to encourage ospreys, and stout boxes filled with gawd-knows-what to rid the peninsula of the miserable greenhead flies that swell…

Lisa Minucci

culinary art and antiques maven. sommelier. hunter-gatherer. fisherman. cook. writer. traveler. wanderer.

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